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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Yet more admin

Yesterday was spent in a hungover blur of packing, and today I have been busy on the computer, trying to change address, redirect mail, and generally have a technological nightmare.

This is my world at the moment, and I'm not over keen, although I must focus on the good stuff that's around the corner.

I've discovered that one of the reasons I'm having trouble is that my new address is not on the Royal Mail's PAF (the who's who of addresses) as yet.  This means I can't set up a redirect, or get lots of companies to believe that the house exists.  Sigh.

So I have taken up the baton and emailed Royal Mail to let them know the address needs adding.  They wanted to know which houses it was next to, and I haven't a clue if it's sequential or evens/odds, and which way it goes anyway.  Normally I'd try to work it out from Google Street View (another one of my favourite things on t'internet), but we're not on it yet (I've told them we're there too).  Our street isn't even on Google Maps yet.  This is an incredibly new house!  I'm feeling a bit nervous about it.

Apart from the house I'm in (which is about five years old, and is what converted us to modern houses) I've only ever lived in older houses, so I've never had all that 'settling' and whatever else goes on in brand new houses. I'm more used to old house problems, like terrible insulation, crumbling plaster, and holes in the roof!  So, what have I got to look forward to?  What should I look out for?  Is the NHBC 10 year thing a bit like a warranty on a washing machine - i.e. you can expect the thing to break the day after it runs out?  Tell me your tales of new houses... and I'll get some packing done.


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