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Friday, 11 January 2013

Getting rid of stuff

Good morning! I'm feeling better this morning. A day off really helped.

So this morning I am going to talk about one of the joys of packing – getting rid of stuff.

My parents live in houses that are so cluttered up with stuff that they have less and less room to live in. I like stuff too, but I don't want to live like that. Kenny is great at getting rid of stuff, but I have a genetic tendency to hoard, so I find it really hard.

The boy contemplates the sheer weight of stuff.
I had a look online at what other people had done and found a really inspirational post from Positively Sorted, which reminded me to only keep things we need or love, and also reminded me that things I don't want can be useful elsewhere. Personally I'd rather give things away than sell them, mainly because I can't be bothered with ebay, but either way, I think you win.

I am really enjoying getting rid of stuff! I've offered some stuff free on rainy town's local website (you can do the same on Freecycle, or some local Facebook pages), and although there hasn't been any uptake on that yet, when I asked for boxes on the same site I was deluged with offers (thanks everyone).

I'm passing some of the kids stuff on to friends we know will get good use of it, and I love that other children will get enjoyment out of things my children have loved, but grown out of, and that our cot, used by my children, and my god-daughters before them, will carry on being used by another lovely family.

I'm also enjoying passing stuff to our local Barnardos shop. I think Barnardos is a fantastic charity, and I don't have any spare money at the moment to pass to them, but I've got lots of spare stuff, so hopefully they can turn that into money. It's all good!

Are you good at getting rid of stuff?  What do you do with it?


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