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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Leaving rainy town

Just a partial update I'm afraid - more will follow.

The children and I spent Friday morning finishing off packing up the house (me), cleaning (me), and watching inordinate amounts of TV (the children).  We were all tired, emotionally wrung out, and wishing that the whole thing was just done and dusted... which may have made for a little more ahem, grumpiness than usual in our household... but packing is very very boring, and saying goodbye to friends does totally suck, and I completely agree with the children on that.  

One little problem.  Snow has come to rainy town!  I mean, obviously we have had snow before, in fact, there was snow on the ground the day before, and to  give it its due I have never known snow to hold rainy town back.  They know the value of grit (as do its residents, which is why it's always running out), so I wasn't particularly worried about getting out of rainy town.  I was worried about getting past Glasgow!  Kenny had called to say I shouldn't bother coming over because it was snowing too hard, and I could come the next day, but at that point I'd virtually finished packing all their belongings, so they had nothing to do but stare at the television (even their sledges were packed).  I'd also cleaned everything so they were getting their heads bitten off if they so much as looked at something with sticky fingers.  We had to get out.  

Goodbye no1, we'll miss you
I checked the roads.  It looked bad, but not too bad.  Was my journey strictly necessary?  Yes.  Yes it was.  But first we went out for farewell lunch at Arietes, where we saw some friends, unexpectedly, and shared brown sauce satchets.  It was gorgeous.  I hoped that food in their tummies, and a poor night's sleep would send my little darlings straight off to the land of nod.  I'll tell you all about the journey next time.


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