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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I think we're making progress!

Hello all, apologies for sporadic postings but I'm sure you understand how busy I am, what with packing, and lots of annoying admin!  Yesterday I had to drive into our local big town to sort out lots of bits and bobs, and didn't have much time for massive quantities of laundry (washing machine is now unplugged), packing, and generally stressing.  I was very lucky to have a friend who offered to feed the children (and me - delicious cauliflower cheese soup), which gave us all a much needed break, and one less job to do.  Thanks Gillian!  Hopefully we can return the favour when she and her son come and visit us in seaside town.  I know my boy will miss hers horribly, they are both funny, bouncy, smart, gaming, longish haired little stars.

The great news is, it feels like all this work is finally paying off.  We have lots of cupboards that are mostly empty, but as of yesterday we have our first emptied cupboard!  And we have a lot of packed boxes!

Today I'm starting off with a load of change of address letters, while watching Julia Donaldson cartoons with the little girl, and then we're going to pack up the kids rooms.  Bring it on!

I'm also putting together a cleaning kit which will be the last thing to leave the old house, and an essentials kit which will be the first thing into the new house.  So far, in the essentials kit I've got: 

        • Toilet roll
        • Towels
        • Soap
        • Washing up liquid, and 
        • Coffee
What else should I put in there?  Any handy hints?


  1. knifes , forks , spoons... Alwasy struggle to find them ... maybe some drinks for the kids while your at it.?

  2. The kids! Totally forgot them (for drinks), and good call on the cutlery! Thanks Stu.