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Thursday, 17 January 2013

thinking about the boy's room

The boy got the short straw when it came to bedroom selection, and is going to be moving from his big room here, to a smaller room in the new house.  He is a very style-oriented boy, and I want to ensure his room is a safe space for him, which feels like his.  These are his colour selections for his room (blue carpet and zigzag curtains).  The walls will be white, at least, to start off with, and I've got him some colourful spots to decorate his room (pictured).

The problem is that the boy's got a bed, which he loves, and he's not willing to swap, but I'm not sure how it's going to work in the bedroom.  The only place I can see it fitting is against the wall that the radiator's on, and it's going to block the radiator.  Here's the room (below).  To the right of the door are built in wardrobes.  The room is 9'11" by 8'8", so the bed could fit in along the shorter wall, but it would be blocking half of the wardrobe...

Part of me is thinking, he's a boy, he likes scruffy clothes, is wardrobe access really necessary?  But, maybe it'll look rubbish.  Hmmm

Here's the bed, below (replete with boys - mine and some of his best mates).  It's got high walls around one side and the foot, and a shelf unit on the head.  What do you think we should use it to block?  The radiator?  The wardrobe?  I guess we'll have a better idea when we're actually in there, but it's nice to have a plan... I think.  What about you?  Do you like to work things out before you go, or wait until you're in the house?


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