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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hoping we'll still see old friends

Today my best childhood friend was supposed to be coming to visit for the afternoon with her family. It's always great to see her. We eat, laugh, and set the world to rights.  She couldn't come today because of the snow, so we've had lots of fun playing on sledges and building snowmen instead.

When we moved to rainy town from sunny Suffolk, we were looking forward to being nearer to both our families, and to our friends. We hoped we would see more of our families and friends than we had done, and we have. My Mum's been to visit several times, and we've seen some friends too. Now we're moving further North, and we'll be a lot closer to Kenny's family, but two hours further away from most of mine. I'm concerned that we won't see as much of friends and my family. My brother (pictured here) never visited us in Suffolk. He's hoping to visit us in seaside town. I hope he will.

We've all made lots of good friends here too (some of them are pictured below), and will miss seeing as much of them.

However, we are moving to a lovely seaside town with lots to do and good train and air connections, and we'll have spare beds to sleep on, so I'm hoping lots of friends and family will come and visit (we've offered to take them out for ice cream to sweeten the deal).

Some of my lovely friends in rainy town - part 1

Part 2
I'm sure my Mum will still come up, and will probably enjoy not having to drive any more, and it will be really good to see much more of Kenny's family. Also, no doubt we'll make new friends. We'll get involved with the school and toddler groups, and try not to look too scary! But I do hope our existing friends will come up and visit us, to help us all have someone to share our adventure with. They'll all be most welcome.

Do you manage to keep in contact with old friends who are far away?  Do you see them sometimes, or just chat on Facebook and the like?


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