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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Getting a mortgage - part 2

It was Christmas Eve babe... OK, so the photo's actually from Christingle the previous week, but it was Christmassy, and it had babes in it...

Well, we hadn't heard anything from Nationwide, so I gave them a call.  First of all they told me they hadn't got the supporting documents.  Hmm.  Then they said they had got them after all, but that we had given them the wrong information.  Hmm.  Then they said we hadn't given them the wrong information, but it had been put on the system wrong.  Everything would be fine, they assured me, and we would get the mortgage we wanted, but they couldn't do it yet because they couldn't get the details onto the system properly.  It would be done by the close of business they said... and then they went back to eating mince pies.

That last bit is purely speculative, of course.  I would not wish to cast any aspertions in that direction.

So I called back before end of business, and guess what? The system was down and they couldn't process our application.  They assured me it would all be sorted out on the 27th, and not to worry.

Kenny called on the 27th, and guess what?  There was something wrong on the system and the application had been sent up to IT, and would definitely be sorted out within 3 hours.  They would call us when it was sorted out.

We were heading down to Yorkshire to visit my family and had stopped off at Tebay for lunch.  Have you been?  I think Tebay is fabulous - the cafe's are great, the scenery is wonderful, and they have a super farm shop northbound, and a nice wee play area southbound.  We were queuing for lunch when my phone rang.  Nationwide calling to tell us the mortgage was sorted? No, of course not.  They were calling to say they were very sorry, but guess what?  Something was wrong with the system and they could not progress our application.  They would send it to IT, and also they would start a complaint on our behalf.  They were very sorry.  They would definitely have this all sorted out within 48 hours... We worked out that that was a Sunday, and the office was closed, so it seemed unlikely, but we'd see.  Do you think it'll be sorted out for next time?


  1. I hope it gets sorted out. I was so stressed when we got our first {and only} mortgage last year. xx

  2. Thanks Chantelle, it's getting there!