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Monday, 14 January 2013

we are on hold...

You know that feeling when you hear on the 'phone that 'your call is important to us, we are experiencing a higher than usual call volume, you are held in a queue, and your call will be answered shortly'.  What's better?  Adverts?  Musak? Some sort of beeping sound to let you know you can still hear?  Being on hold is never pleasant.  They say we Brits are famous for queuing, and I guess being on hold is like a 'phone version of a queue.  Maybe they should let us talk to each other to relieve the monotony?

Well, the missives are concluded, and we will be buying the house in seaside town, but we don't yet have a date of entry.  We can't arrange removals, change of address, insurance, or, it seems, anything else, until we have a date of entry.  When will we have a date of entry?  When the sellers give us one... Meanwhile here's a nice picture.

It's not unrelated (the picture), it's a view from Kenny's parents' garden, which is just down the road from seaside town.  I can't wait to have seaside views like this.  I can't wait to get the move done and dusted, and start getting to know the area...

Still, wait I must, so, while I've been waiting I've been continuing to pack (it's a slow process), and trying to work out where to put things in the new house. And I'm stuck. I have two cupboards that I love, which are currently in my bathroom. We won't have enough room for them in the bathroom in the new house, so where do we put them? They might fit in the utility room/toilet, but should they go there? Or maybe the dining area? What do you think?  Are they definitely bathroom cabinets or could I get away with them elsewhere?