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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ready... steady...

The boy running in the park beside the house -
we're all going to need to start running!

Sorry for radio silence yesterday – nothing was happening, and I couldn't bring myself to say anything about it. However, *whisper it* there's a rumour that we've got an entry date. It's not been officially agreed yet, but the solicitor has been talking to the mortgage company, and they've talked to us! I guess, seeing as it hasn't been agreed yet, formally, it can change. The solicitor can re-arrange things, and we should probably not book removals vans yet, but, it's still exciting!

The thing is, and I haven't worked out if this is good or bad yet, the entry date they're talking about is next week. NEXT WEEK! This would indicate that I should get off the computer and do more packing! This is good, because we don't have much time to procrastinate, and faff about, we can get packed up and go, and get busy settling in. This is bad, because we haven't got time to faff about and procrastinate, and because I haven't organised a leaving night out yet!

My two little witches eating their booty
after going out 'guising.
Tomorrow the builders are doing an important check which has an important incomprehensible name, and I guess, after they've done that, they might let us know an official moving date. Fingers crossed.

Today I have packed up a load of stuff in the study and am about to move on to the lounge. I'm kind of hoping it will be next week. What do you think? Do you like time to work out what you're doing, or just to get right on with it?

I'm trying to do what I can to get a confirmed date of entry, although to be honest, I think my best bet would be to do a magic spell and sing an incantation – it might not work, but it would give me something to think about (and if it involved eating chocolate I'd have plenty of helpers)!


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