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Sunday, 3 February 2013

How we're settling in

As you'll recall, last time on the blog I was feeling a bit bad about the poor big girl, and how she was having a hard time settling in at school.  I think we've all been in a bit of a funk, not just because of everything being topsy turvy, and not knowing anyone, but also because the weather here in seaside town (I know!) has been utterly dreadful for the first week we've lived here.

With only a few interruptions (which were magnificent), it has rained, and it has been windy, and it has just been dreadful.  Lots of days when if we didn't have to go to school and eat and so on, we would all have just stayed in our PJs.  Ugh.

However, the weather seems to be picking up a bit, so hopefully our moods will too.

Jenga van - created by Kenny and Rob.
Picture by Rob (stolen with thanks)
The little girl (along with the other children) was feeling fed up that the telly wasn't working and there were very few toys, but a man came and fixed the telly on Friday (thank heavens), and Kenny rented a different van (from Enterprise), which boldly went and fit all the rest of the stuff from the house in rainy town in one load (many thanks to Rob, for helping Kenny load up the Jenga van).  Fantastic.

I have been hanging out in the library quite a lot.  It seems a pretty good place to find out local info, and it's got a great kids section.  It's also open EVERY DAY!!!!  I was delighted to discover they do Rhyme Time sessions there too, so that was our first social occasion for the little girl.  The first one wasn't like the ones in Saxmundham (which were great), but it was lovely.  The little girl also chose a book to read at home - The Gruffalo's Child - in Gaelic!  She was determined she wanted it, and she sat through the whole thing when I read it to her, so I guess she must be bilingual.  Sadly, I'm not! We went back to Rhyme Time this morning and the little girl had a great time (plus it was more fun).

Our next sociable foray was to a toddler group on Thursday.  It was one of those ones in a big church hall, where childminders and Mums drink coffee, and kids go wild.  The little girl ran straight into the middle of things, and had a great time.  I got a coffee and attempted to speak to people, but didn't do very well.  One person I spoke to told me about some of the other toddler groups, which sound like they might suit me better.  We'll try a few out.  I hate having to start making friends all over again.  But I've made lots of great friends so far, so I guess I'll make some more.

Kenny is doing pretty well.  He grew up near here, and so has some friends who stayed here.  Also, he's been working here for a few months now, so he's already got football, squash, and the odd night out in place.  It's good that we do know the area a bit, because at least we're not finding everything out.  On Saturday, when Kenny was busy finishing our house move, the kids decided they'd like to go to a soft play in a nearby town.  It was good to go somewhere they knew, and where it didn't matter that they hadn't made friends yet.

We'll get there.  I'm trying to keep in mind Julian of Norwich's excellent mantra "all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."


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